Why should you spend part of your training and development budget on BCLD?

The short answer is because BCLD consistently receives excellent feedback from clients who feel they have got a great return on their investment. The slightly longer answer will involve you taking ten or fifteen minutes to read the Home page, the About Bob page, the Ideas into actions page and relevant links from the Services menu to make your own mind up.

Consultancy topics

If any of this is of interest, drop him an e-mail or call him. Bob abhors hard sells, persistent marketing and misleading advertising and will give an honest appraisal of how he may support you or your organisation and then it’s up to you to decide if you want to proceed.

Case Study

The context

From May to December, Bob worked with a college near London who were expecting an OFsted inspection. Another company were commissioned to help the college in terms of data, reporting, governance and other issues. His remit was to improve teaching and learning and his role included:

Working with managers

Following a management reorganisation, he delivered training sessions and undertook individual, structured coaching and mentoring. In some cases these were a one off, in others up to 6 sessions with each manager. Topics for the CPD and coaching and mentoring included:

Working with teachers

Bob worked in particular with one curriculum area who had many good qualities and a lot of potential but were underachieving in terms of most indicators (e.g. success and achievement rates, retention, attendance, lesson observation grades). Over time he was trusted by most members of st aff and the Head of Department. His duties included some of the things specified above that he also did to individuals and teams across the college.

Cross College

Bob had several conversations and shared materials with key personnel such as: Head of Staff Development, VP (Quality) and VP (Curriculum).


Almost all the feedback reported increased confidence, know how and motivation. Comments included:

“We have had the benefit of working with Bob on several occasions all of which have proved to be extremely valuable in driving the area forward.  He has a fantastic realistic approach to finding solutions and a way of making things clear and unencumbered, which has aided the team immensely. Bob’s techniques have inspired the staff to use them in their own practice with much success”

Beth Ring
Deputy HoD Art & Design

“Working with Bob has been hugely beneficial to me; he has provided me with a sounding board for my ideas, has motivated me and assisted me in finding solutions to existing problems as well as helping me to deal with difficult situations”

Marina Jackson
Head of Business and IT

“I just wanted to thank you for the very useful training session this lunchtime. I found many of the questions so relevant for my role and I look forward to seeing the beneficial effects of employing them!”

Elaine Roach
Achievement Coach