Ideas into Actions

There is a wide body of research (e.g. Joyce and Showers, 2002; Timperley, 2007 and numerous CIPD reports) and a growing consensus that training sessions on their own have little impact on staff performance.

The following diagram outlines a simple process for making changes. Individuals can use it to reflect on current practice with a view to making an improvement and it can also be used as a staged Quality Improvement Project Cycle for teams and whole organisations:

Management Training and Development
“To learn and not to do, is not to learn”.

(Covey 1994)

What usually happens after a training event?

We have all been on dire training events: the boredom…the horror…

We have also been on events led by a well-informed, charismatic trainer who gives you a useful and well designed materials pack. Participants leave with a spring in their step, feeling invigorated. But what happens next? Sadly, the answer is usually nothing. Back at base, day-to-day operational issues take over, and before you can say ‘Helen Timperley’, you’ve lost the impetus to change and probably forgotten what you were going to do.

How will BCLD ensure your investment has a significant impact?

All training sessions delivered by BCLD are tailored to the needs of the commissioning college.

BCLD will explore with you a number of ways to maximize the transference of learning from training sessions, coaching or consultancy into real-work contexts.

This ‘closing the loop’ often does not happen, yet without it great ideas don’t translate into improved practice. BCLD will help you to turn ideas and statements of intent, into new habits and working practices.