"To learn something new or improve a skill we must focus attention on something specific, in a mentally engaging way, with a goal in mind."
Bob Craig

Bob Craig Learning and Development

The working philosophy of BCLD is that most people want to be the best they can be and will strive to improve if they:

  • Are clear about the benefits
  • Know specifically what to do, how to do it and when to start
  • Can make the changes without too much extra work

BCLD helps individuals and organisations to implement small improvements in many areas, creating momentum, innovation and renewal.

Essential to sustainable learning and development is a mindset that attributes improved performance to factors such as effort, flexibility, resilience, and focused, deliberate practice, rather than natural ability, ‘raw talent’ or luck.

"As a College, we had recently experienced a major period of change and wanted to introduce a coaching culture in order to re-build morale and re-energise our organisation during turbulent times. We started with an extensive programme for senior managers, designed and facilitated by Bob to develop the skills of coaching in order to help us to create a culture of collaboration and innovation. We were not disappointed. The programme provided a very practical, individualised forum for the development of these skills which has fundamentally changed the way in which we work, empowering staff and giving them autonomy to make their own decisions. These are difficult financial times, but the programme has been well worth the time and investment and we are convinced that this approach is the way forward for us."

Adele Wills

Principal, KGV, Southport