Articles by Bob Craig

Fixed Mindsets and Growth Mindsets

In 1978 Carol Dweck took a random sample of 350 students aged between 11 and 12 and gave them a questionnaire to probe their beliefs about talent and in particular, intelligence. She set out to explore the question: “Does a belief in the primacy of talent operate on the edges of our behaviour or does it define the way in which we interpret and respond to challenges? Does it sit in the background, only functioning at an intellectual level, or does it seep into everything we think, feel and do?”...continue reading.

Why we should focus on performance more than outcomes

Twenty years of NY resolutions along the line and I’ve finally started having bass guitar and tennis lessons, though not at the same time. “Foot-work, body-work, racket-work,” bellows my coach. At the net, as I try not to look too puffed out, he says with conviction: “performance not outcome. The shots will come if you get the stages right.” Of course in any learning or development context, it’s important to have an outcome in mind and to establish milestones, targets and KPIs along the way. It’s also a great idea to focus on the benefits of achieving the goal, for you...continue reading.