Coaching and Mentoring

Bob Craig and associates

Bob has coached staff at all levels in organisations such as BUPA, ACAS, the NHS, the AA, the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman, the British Armed Forces and many private sector organisations. Most of his experience has been in the FE sector where he has has coached and mentored Principals to newly qualified teachers. At BCLD he works alongside a team of accomplished and experienced consultants, coaches and mentors.

As well as being a coach, Bob offers supervision to other coaches, and has written and delivered many accredited courses. Recently, he successfully delivered the ILM Level 5 Certificate in coaching and mentoring to the whole management team (incl. SMT) in a Sixth Form College in Merseyside and the same course to a large FE college near Manchester.

ILM Accredited Centre

BCLD is approved to deliver and assess ILM Accredited courses.

What is coaching?

Coaching involves facilitating the development, learning and enhanced performance of another person. It is about: ‘helping them to learn rather than telling them what to do.’ (Whitmore, 2009).

Coaching is a philosophy and a mindset when working with other people, as much as it is a set of skills and strategies. Acting as a ‘skilled helper’, the coach helps the other person to reflect on prior experiences, evaluate current practice, identify resources, clarify the benefits of action and most importantly to commit to action and be clear about next steps and longer term goals.

Further information about coaching

Click here to read or download a document about coaching with the following sections:

  1. What is coaching?
  2. What research says about the benefits of coaching
  3. Overview of coaching (mind-map)
  4. Aims of coaching
  5. Who coaches who?
  6. Contexts for coaching
  7. BCLD Offer: 1:2:1 coaching and coaching courses
  8. ILM L5 ‘Certificate in coaching and mentoring’
  9. List of references relating to coaching
"The rate of transfer from training into practice can be as low as 5% with no coaching follow up but as high as 95% with a coach in place."

Joyce and Showers 2002

BCLD Offer

Bob and his team of associates deliver ILM accredited courses, shorter coaching skills courses and undertake 1:2:1 coaching and mentoring.


“Excellent feedback from the whole group. It’s been a useful programme which will help the college embed a coaching approach in its performance culture. We’ll definitely use Bob again!”

Lee Gregory
Assistant Principal (Human Resources), Stockport College

“A very informative, fun and beneficial course. I’ve developed new practices, which benefit me, my students and my institution. Most useful for me was trying out coaching in small action sets with open and honest peer assessment. Bob helped to create a great atmosphere which allowed us to bond and gel as new level managers in the new structure”

Nick King
Deputy Director of Learning and Achievement